william-j-carr-photoI’m William Carr, and I’ve been around the internet and involved in online commerce almost my entire life.

From building websites (and making money) as a 12-year old in 1996 to running my own web development and consulting business today, I have been intimately involved with every aspect of designing, building, and running successful small-business websites.

A focus on small business websites

It may sound cliché, but I really do have a passion for working with small business owners. Part of this is because I grew up working in my family’s restaurant. It was there I learned the unique challenges that smaller, local businesses face – indeed, when you don’t have corporate offices and stockholders, things are different.

Why hire me? Because I offer the exact website services small businesses require:

  • I’ll speak with you in person, and listen to your needs.
  • I’ll craft a profitable website for your business (and not my artistic ego.)
  • More people will find your website via a higher search engine rank.
  • I’ll handle everything you need handled, from registering the domain name to hosting to setting up e-mail to maintaining your website.

There are no open-ended questions, and no “gee, you’ll have to see someone else for that” from me. If it’s web-related, I’ll handle it for you.

But the most important thing I do is I create you a website (and a web marketing plan) that actually works. One that gets you inquiries and customers. Because that’s the only reason to have a website, right?


My Client Base

I have small, exclusive client base. And work with every one of them directly.

My clients are small businesses, many of whom know very little about websites and web marketing – roofers, plumbers, local insurance offices, restaurants, law firms, non-profits, schools, etc. (the list is endless).

The main trait my clients share is they want a website that works for them. They are not looking for the cheapest web designer from India, or some “one-size fits all” solution – they instead want a professional who is accountable, and will produce excellent work.

My clients also have questions, and want answers – many times, things start out with them saying “look, I know nothing about websites, but…” And that’s fine – I enjoy taking the time to explain exactly what the right website is capable of doing for their business.

Some of my clients already have a web presence that isn’t working. And others are new to this. Either way, my job is to produce the results you are looking for. And it’s a job I do very, very well.

If I can help you in any way, please contact me here.