8 Reasons to Use Freshbooks for Creating Invoices and Small Business Accounting

  1. User Friendly – Freshbooks is incredibly easy to use. The features are all organized in a logical way that makes it very easy to find anything from creating a new invoice, to downloading a Profit and Loss report.
  2. Track if they opened your invoice – View the timestamps of if and when your invoice was opened by your client. Are your clients slow to pay? Did they claim they “never received it”? You can find out with Freshbooks. Also, you can easily configure late payment reminders at set intervals so your clients get an automated email reminding them of their outstanding balance.
  3. Expense Tracking – Easily track all of your expenses, assign them to a client (which can be automatically added to their next invoice, or not), and even link your business debit/credit card to automatically import your expenses.
  4. Reoccurring Billing – Do you invoice the same amount to your clients on a set schedule? Reoccurring billing in Freshbooks automates the creation and delivery of your invoices.
  5. Mail Invoices – Freshbooks will print and mail your invoice for under $2 bucks! No more wasted time printing, stuffing an envelope, finding a stamp, or mailing the invoice.
  6. Fantastic Customer Support – You can talk to a real, live person anytime, 8am-8pm EDT, Monday to Friday by calling 1-866-303-6061
  7. Access Your Account and Send Invoices from ANYWHERE! – You can access your account from any device (desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android). Freshbooks also backs up your data so it’s secure.
  8. Accept Credit Cards – There’s no setup or monthly fees, unlike most of the competitors.

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