Search Engine Optimization Services

My SEO services are designed with one thing in mind: getting you found by the people you want to find you. So I’m more interested in making you the biggest fish in your pond, whether your pond is one city or the entire world.

SEO is also ever-changing. You or may not have heard of Google’s “updates” to their algorithms (Panda, Penguin… I’m guessing the next one will be called “Pandemonium”), but they matter. If you are interested in getting to the top of the rankings and staying there, you need an SEO professional who adapts to the changing landscape. Which is exactly what I do.

The SEO services I offer are custom-tailored to you. There is no cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach. This is because your business is unique, as is your competition, and your customers. SEO is not so much about being number 1 in results (Wikipedia has that sewn up for many keywords) – it’s about outranking your competition for good keywords.

In all honesty, that’s what really sets me apart. I’ll devise an SEO strategy which will get you ahead of your competition, and keep you there.

We’ll also dive into all manner of useful tidbits, like who is visiting your website, and where they are coming from (Search Engines, Facebook, local trade shows, Yelp, banner ads, adwords, etc). We can track where the most profitable visitors come from, and target those areas (and these will all be available to you in report form).


Here are some of the SEO services I perform:

  • Content Development – Content that both ranks and converts.
  • Link Building – Solid, relevant, organic links
  • Local SEO – You want to come up in local searches. I’ll ensure you do.
  • Analytics – Finding out how people use your website
  • Competitive Research – What are your competitors doing, and where do they rank? I’ll find out.
  • Keyword Development – We’ll research and develop strong keywords, and rank for them.
  • Citation Building – Citations are business-listings (Yelp, Google+, etc) and I’ll get you in all of them.
  • On-Page / Site Optimization – HTML tags that help with rank
  • Technical SEO – The “behind the scenes” site mechanics that help rankings.

You need not understand any of the above, mind you – it’s just to illustrate a few of the SEO services I perform which you may have heard of.


The “Right” Traffic Matters

I also focus on the right traffic for you (e.g., people who are actually looking to do business with you.) Because ranking well for the wrong traffic does you no good, and can even cost you money.

To give you an example of the “wrong” traffic, I knew of a plumber who used a national SEO company that got him a great ranking for the keywords “plumbing help”. Which didn’t help him at all – he was bombarded with phone calls from amateur plumbers wanting free help over the phone. But hey, the SEO Company did their job and got him a good rank. Too bad they didn’t sit down together beforehand and hammer out which keywords really mattered. He had to change his phone number.


SEO Pays for Itself

When people search for your industry/town, who comes up first? You, or your competition? The simple fact of the matter is the higher you rank, the more clicks you get (it’s like the old Yellow Pages – the bigger the ad, the more calls you get).

So in the end, if you are attracting the right traffic, ranking higher than your competitors, and have a website that convert those visitors, your website becomes a profit generating machine. Which is precisely what I look to build you.


If I can help you in any way, please contact me here.